The locations of Palau in the Western Pacific (A) and of 15 marine lakes in Palau (main, B, C).

1. Big Jellyfish Lake

2. Flatworm Lake

3. Goby Lake

4. Gologuguel Lake

5. Ongeim'l Tketau
   (Jellyfish Lake)

6. Ngeruktabl Lake

7. Long Lake

8. Ongael Lake

9. One Shark Lake

10. Lake Ten (Tee Lake)

11. Big Crocodile Lake

12. Spooky Lake

13. Clear Lake

14. Hotwater Lake

15. Tketau Lake

NOTE: The marine lakes are fragile ecosystems subject to disturbance by human activities. In recognition of their great natural value, the marine lakes are protected by the Koror Rock Island Management and Preservation Act which closes all but a few lakes (e.g. Ongeim'l Tketau, of those listed above) to tourism.